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Are you facing issue with your internet router or antivirus program? Does your system abruptly shuts down in the middle of some important project leaving you helpless? Well, no need to worry anymore as our highly-trained technical experts are available 24*7 at a call away. Global Technical Support is there to help you through any methodical problems that may hinder the functioning of your modem, router and anti-virus software.

We offer uninterrupted support to both individuals and businesses looking to secure their system and precious data. The technical experts ensure that any interruption in the normal function of your digital device never comes back with their knowledge and in-depth understanding of the technicalities of the issue.

Some of the issues covered by our technical staff include;

  • Virus and malware related issues
  • Hard-disk crash issue
  • Recovery of lost data
  • Blue screen error
  • Slow processing of PC

The technical staff is known for providing not only fast service but also easy solutions at cost-effective rate.

With an increase in dependency on technology, no one can imagine themselves without their technological gadgets. However at times, some issues do crop up with your laptop, smartphone and tablet. It is at times like these when someone with expertise in technical matters is required the most. This is exactly where Global technical support steps-in and takes charge of the situation.

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Still looking for technical support?

Count on Global technical support experts to take care of all your technology related problems. Whether it is your internet router, modem, laptop or computer system, our experts are here to help you out from this dilemma.

What do we offer?

The experts at Global technical support not only offer a workable solution but also provide you with their expertise at an affordable price. Some of the issues tackled by our technical experts include;


Unable to configure your computer with the anti-virus program? Are you confused about how to install the latest edition of Kaspersky, Norton or other anti-virus software? Count on Global technical support to assist you in installation and uninstallation of the anti-virus program.

Virus and Malware

Still bugged by the error window popping-up repeatedly while working on an important project? Has your system failed due to a sudden malware or virus infection? You can always rely on the guidance of our experts who will take care of any virus or malware intruding in the smooth functioning of your laptop, mobile or computer system.


Are you unable to decide as to which computer software to update and which to ignore? Call us to guide you in upgrading your software to its maximum potential for a smooth functioning of your computer system.

Network Issue

Not able to properly connect to the online world and do your bit of research? You can trust Global technical support to look into configuring of your network settings so you can relax and enjoy your online session.

Router and Modem issue

Not able to properly configure your router or modem? Is there a constant problem with the normal functioning of your router? Count on Global technical support to provide you with the best solutions for both your internet router and modem related issue.

System repair

Has your system been working slow of late? Are you irritated by the slow opening of every program whether it is the Microsoft office or notepad? Well, ask for the experts at Global Technical Support to make all your technical issues disappear.

Still facing an issue with installation of your modem or router? Feel free to contact us at our toll-free number 0800-820-3300 for the best technical support.

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