Downloading and Running Norton Power Eraser

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A lot of queries have been surrounding the Norton Power Eraser. Of lately, Norton Technial support has received question on how to download and run Norton power eraser, what are steps to do it successfully etc. Before explaining the process, let us first understand what Norton Power Eraser is.

Norton Power Eraser

Norton Power Eraser is a free virus removal tool can be downloaded and run to remove malware and threats from your computer, laptop, smartphones and other devices. This can tool can be used to scan for threats even if you have a Symantec product, or other security product. It scans your devices almost speedily to identify the hostile viruses and infections.


Norton Power Eraser tool can be easily and quickly downloaded. The tool is compatible with computers running Microsoft Windows operating systems only. It is not compatible with computer using Mac OS X.


Below are the steps by Norton Technical support professionals to download and run Norton Power Eraser.

Download Norton Power Eraser

  1.       Download Norton Power Eraser
  2.       Click Save
  3.    Select the location as Desktop, and then click Save
  4.     To run Norton Power Eraser, double-click the NPE.exe file

If the User Account Control window prompts, click Yes or Continue

  1.     Read the license agreement, and click Accept.

Norton Power Eraser checks for and downloads the new version if available

Running a Scan

Once downloaded, it’s time to scan the device in which it is downloaded.

  1.     In the Norton Power Eraser window, click the Scan for Risks icon
  2.     By default, Norton Power Eraser performs a Rootkit scan and requires a system restart. When you see a prompt to restart the computer, click Restart

If you do not want to include the Rootkit scan, go to Settings, and uncheck the option Include Rootkit scan (requires a computer restart)

  1.     Wait for the scan to complete


Fixing the Risk

If the risk is found, it’s time to fix the same to avoid future problems.


1.When Norton Power Eraser completes the scan, it displays the scan results. Risky items are labelled as bad and recommended action as remove. The items that require further review display the status as Unknown

  1. Based on the status, do one of the below:
  • No Risk Found – Click OK to exit
  • Bad – he Remove check box under Action is checked automatically. Immediately remove the files/document
  • Unknown – click the cloud icon next to it. It sends the file to a Symantec server and scans it using the traditional signature-based detection engines. If it’s Bad, click on remove checkbox. If it shows NOT A KNOWN THREAT, do not click the Remove check.


  1. Ensure the Create System Restore Point before proceeding with fix checkbox is selected
  2. Click Fix Now
  3. In case you are asked to restart the computer to complete the removal, click Restart Now
  4. Once the risk is successfully removed, click Done


For any queries or assistance, contact online Norton Antivirus Support UK team on toll free number at 0-800-820-3300.

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