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Kaspersky Safe Kids protects your child from harmful information as per the age stated in the child’s profile during initial setup. Parents can set protection rules for each child according to their age and requirements.


If you are not aware how this product works, read the advantages given by Kaspersky Antivirus Tech Support of using it below. With Kaspersky Safe Kids you will be able to:


  •         Safeguard your children from harmful and inappropriate details on the web
  •         Restrict the duration your child spends using the PC or mobile devices
  •         Limit the time your child can play games or use social networks
  •         Access comprehensive reports on your child’s online activities
  •         Monitor Facebook posts with your child mentioned and view your child’s friend list changes


Now that you know the benefits of using it, Kaspersky Antivirus Support experts lay down certain points which could help you use the product properly.



  1.      Open My Kaspersky and enter your credentials.
  2.      Go to the Kids tab.
  3.      Select the child’s profile and click Rules.
  4.      Select the section you would like to modify:
  •         Internet. In this section, you can enable safe search and collecting statistics on visited websites, configure rules for accessing websites by categories and add exclusions.
  •         Social networks. Enable collecting the statistics on your child’s actions on Facebook.
  •         Calls and SMS Enable collecting the statistics on your child’s calls and messages (only for Android devices).
  •         Applications Configure application usage rules by categories and add exclusions. Limitations by application categories are available only on Windows, Mac, and Android devices.
  •         Device usage. Set the time limit of device usage.
  •         Where is my child? Enable location monitoring and set the allowed area.



On My Kaspersky, go to the Kids tab and select your child’s account.

To view brief statistics, select the Summary section and specify the period of time.

To view the detailed report for the last month, select the Report tab and click the category.



  1.      On My Kaspersky, go to the Kids tab
  2.      Select the child’s profile and click Profile
  3.      Make the changes. For example, you can upload the user picture for your child

If you want to delete the profile, click Delete child profile in the lower-right corner part of the window.



  1.      On My Kaspersky, go to the Kids tab.
  2.      Select the account of your child and open the Child Devices tab. Hover the mouse over the plus
  3.      Select the type of the device you would like to add and send the download link to your email
  4.      Open your e-mail on the child’s device and follow the link in the message to download the installer
  5.      Install Kaspersky Safe Kids on your child’s device (Windows, Android, Mac, iOS)

After the installation, the device will appear on the My Kaspersky page.


In case of any issue during the entire procedure, contact Kaspersky Antivirus Tech Support number UK for help on 0-800-820-3300. Contact today!


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