LOAPI – The new Trojan


Smartphones have become a necessity for everyone in this digital age where most of the communication takes place via the wireless medium. One of the most
popular operating systems for smartphones is the Google Android, which offers a plethora of applications for watching videos, listening music, gaming or editing photos.

However, with the plethora of authentic applications also come a number of fake applications, small security checks and many other limitations. The spread of malware and other virus is not limited to just the unofficial Android stores, but official sources as well. The recent string of threat that appeared in the Andro-sphere is Trojan.AndroidOS.Loapi. But, you can avail technical support to take care of this issue from a reputed and trustable technical support provider.

Our team at the Kaspersky Technical Support is here to provide you the best assistance for keeping your mobile device completely safe and secure. The professionals working in our team have a vast experience and the best tools to take care of any issue affecting the security of your smartphone.

What is the Trojan Loapi?

The Trojan Loapi has a complicated architecture that gives it the ability to execute a number of malicious activities including annoying advertisements, launching DDoS attacks via the infected mobile device, and mining cryptocurrencies. This has given it the name of “jack of all trades”. You can connect with the highly trained and skilled Kaspersky Customer Support experts.

How does Trojan Loapi operate?

Smartphone users generally fall prey to the Loapi Trojan by clicking on an advertisement banner and downloading a fake adult-content application. Once the installation is complete, Loapi asks for more administrator rights and fires one notification after another till the user is frustrated and clicks on OK. In case, the smartphone user tries to deny giving administrator rights, the screen is locked by the Trojan and the setting window closes.

If the user tries to download a security application for their smartphone, Loapi declares them as malware and demands removal. Let the Kaspersky Technical Support be your guide in choosing the best solution for keeping their phone safe.

What will happen if my smartphone gets infected with Loapi Trojan?

The Kaspersky Support experts have come up with a list of scenarios that will play out once your device’s security has been compromised by Loapi Trojan. These have been explained with details below;

  1. Annoying Advertisements

Loapi Trojan irritates the smartphone user with banner and video advertisements. This can also download and install other applications, and open your Facebook, Instagram pages. Connect with the highly skilled Kaspersky Support experts to know how to handle this Trojan and keep your smartphone safe.

  1. Paid subscriptions

One of the modules of Loapi Trojan can sign-up users to paid services, these services are needed to be confirmed via SMS. In order to do this, Loapi has another module that sends a message to the number and does this secretly. Every message, including outgoing and incoming are deleted immediately. Let the Kaspersky Technical Support guide you in getting the best protection for your smartphone.

  1. DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) Attacks

The Loapi Trojan can turn the user’s smartphone into a zombie device and hack it to execute DDoS attacks against Web resources. This uses an in-built proxy server and sends HTTP requests from the infected device. We at the Kaspersky Antivirus Technical Support are available round-the-clock to provide the best protection to your phone.

  1. Cryptomining

Another trick used by Loapi includes using the smartphones to mine Monero tokens and as a result the devices heats up due to prolonged processor load. As a result, the phone’s battery overloads 48 hours after the device is infected. Allow our experts at the Kaspersky Support to be by your side in fighting off Loapi Trojan.

  1. New Modules

There is no doubt that the Loapi Trojan can download new modules and can transform itself into ransomware, spyware or even a banking Trojan. If you are in doubt that your smartphone has been compromised, connect with the Kaspersky Support experts without any delay.

What can I do to make my smartphone safe from the Loapi Trojan?

The experts at the Kaspersky Antivirus Technical Support have come up with a list of effective guidelines that you can use to stay safe from Loapi Trojan.

Guidelines for securing your smartphone against Loapi Trojan

  1. Always install applications from the official store such as Google Play Store, which has a vast team for handling any mobile malware. Trojan attacks can happen anywhere but the chances of them occurring on official stores is far less than those on third-party websites. For more information, connect with the Kaspersky Support
  1. Always keep the installation of application from unknown sources in the disable state. Let the Kaspersky Tech Support be your guide in taking this step to secure your smartphone from every angle.
  1. Try to have fewer applications and only those that you use regularly on day-to-day basis. We at the Kaspersky Support are here to help you decide which the best applications for your smartphone are.
  1. Never underestimate the importance of having a proper smartphone security solution in place. Install a reliable and reputed antivirus solution for your phone to keep all files safe from any online threat. Let the Kaspersky Technical Support guide you in choosing the best mobile security for yourself.

How can I connect with the highly skilled Kaspersky Support?

You can connect with the experienced and highly trained Kaspersky Customer Support experts via toll-free number at (0-800-820-3300). Or visit website for more details: http://www.global-technical-support.co.uk/kaspersky-support/ 

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