Norton – How to protect your mobile device from Malware

Norton is the best cross-platform cybersecurity software developed by Symantec Corporation for those looking to provide absolute protection to their data and computer. Apart from providing anti-virus protection, Norton helps to secure the users online presence with Norton Identity Safe and plethora of other products. Norton Security also offers complete support for both Android and iOS devices for those considering to protect their mobile device. The wide array of Norton products includes Norton Identity Safe, Norton Antivirus, Norton Password Manager, Norton Mobile Security, LifeLock and a host of other Norton security services.

Besides providing a plethora of data protection services and products, Norton has an effective after-sales service known as Norton customer support. The specialists at Norton support are available round-the-clock to provide expert guidance for any issue that interferes with the performance of any Norton product.

With the advent of technology, online attackers have found new threats and security loopholes to gain unauthorized access to both your device and data. It is a daunting task to provide complete protection to your mobile device whether it is a laptop or your smartphone.

How can Norton customer support help in securing my mobile device?

Are you worried about your mobile device’s precious data being misused by unauthorized persons? No need to bother as the Norton customer support team is here with top 5 tips on securing your mobile device against any possible hacking attempt.

Top 5 tips for securing mobile device

Kindly follow the guidelines mentioned below in order to secure your device against unauthorized access;


  • Lock the device


This is a commonly followed practice to secure your device against access by unauthorized individuals. It can be done via setting a PIN, pattern or password code that helps in keeping physical attackers at bay. This is a temporary measure but in case of your device being misplaced, no one will be able to access your precious data. To know more about setting a strong password for phone lock, contact the Norton technical support experts.

  • Enable Encryption Chip


Consider activating the device storage encryption, however this depends on the time of manufacture of the device and whether encryption was available at the time. It is much secure than a simple password and requires a two-step verification to access the device. Also, Norton support experts recommend that you have a device that comes with this option to enable maximum security for your device.

  • Verify applications


Even Google Play store is not safe from malicious applications that try to access the information on your device and make it not only laggy but unsecure at the same time. While a majority of applications are harmless but some do come with malicious codes. Hence, Norton support recommends checking and verifying any third-part application before installing it on your device.

  • Utilize Anti-Malware software


Always have an anti-malware software installed on the mobile device that runs a scan to verify the authentication of the application prior to installing it. There are various Anti-Malware programs available that can be used in securing your device. To know about some of the best anti-malware software, contact the Norton customer support experts.

  • Disable Bluetooth


Whenever you are out in public, always switch off the Bluetooth function on your device. If left unchecked, Bluetooth can easily allow unauthorized persons to access your information and other files. Always remember that a simple Bluetooth function left to ON can lead to your private information becoming public property in no time.

Want to know more on securing your device against any unauthorized access? Contact the Norton customer support via 0-800-820-3300

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