Please Confirm your Purchase,’ Do you often get this message when signing to your Norton account

As a potential customer, when you buy a Norton product from Norton Online Store, you are asked to enter email address and password. If you enter your details incorrect, your order will not be saved in your account. The same will be asked to save when you sign in to your Norton account.


If you are often getting message like ‘Please confirm your purchase’ follow the below steps as per the given situations by Norton tech support professional.


  1.       I want to know the ways to confirm Norton Online Store Purchase
  2.     After you sign in to your account, in the Authorization Pending page, select Confirm Order, and then click Confirm Order.
  3. Type your serial number of the product in your order.

If you have multiple products, you will only need to provide the serial number for one of the products in your order.

  1. Click Continue
  2.     Your order has been confirmed and you can now download and manage your Norton product in your account
  3.       I want my serial number. How to find my serial number
  4.       Your serial number can be found in the order confirmation email which is sent to the email address used when you purchased Norton
  5. If you do not find your Order Confirmation email in your inbox, check your junk or spam folder to find the email.
  6. In your Order Confirmation email, Serial Number is located under Product Information.
  7.       The order date in the message is older than our most recent purchase

Norton tech support experts suggests the following step. Follow it carefully.

  1.    If you purchased a Norton product more recently than the “Date of order” listed in the “Confirm your purchase” message, the message is for an old order and not related to your current product. If you do not want the message to appear, in the Authorization Pending page, select I did not place this order and then click Decline Order.
  2.       How to download my most latest purchase
  3.       Sign In to Norton
  4.      Be sure and sign in with the email address used for the most recent purchase.
  5. In the Services page, select your most recent purchase.
  6. If you do not see the Norton product you most recently purchased, it may be associated with another account. Sign in again using a different email address.
  7.      Click Download
  8.        Follow the prompts to download and install your Norton product.


Contact Norton tech support for quick assistance. They can be reached on toll free number at 0-800-820-3300

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