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spear phishing cyber attack| Kaspersky Support UK

 Spear Phishing is a popular technique used by cyber criminals to make the user share information with them by pretending to be someone close to them. The whole purpose is to extract personal information including login details, passwords and access to financial information. One of the techniques used in phishing is spear phishing, this is carried out to attack and get data from a specific person or organization.

Spear Phishing is a more dangerous form of phishing as cybercriminals can easily target a specific individual or organization. They can make it difficult for the user to differentiate between an authentic email and a forged one. If you want to know more about what Spear Phishing is capable of and how you can prevent it, connect with the Kaspersky Support UK experts.

Ours is a team of highly trained and experienced technical specialists who have the right tools to handle any issue affecting the security of your smartphone or PC. When you connect with the experts at the Kaspersky Customer Support UK service, rest assured that your query will be resolved without any issue.

Who uses spear phishing and what is the purpose behind using it?

There are two motives behind cybercriminals using spear phishing, one is to infiltrate the company network by sending bogus mails filled with malware to employees and other is to steal money. Cybercriminals can easily weaponize a document using Macros in Microsoft Word or the JavaScript code. These comprise of tiny programs inside the main file with the purpose of downloading malware on the target individual’s computer system.

Slowly, the malware spreads over the entire network and interrupts any information that the cyber criminal can lay their hands on. Want to know more about how you can fight spear phishing attacks? Connect with the highly skilled Kaspersky Support UK experts.

Who all can be affected by spear phishing attacks?

The most commonly affected targets includes high-level employees with access to sensitive information of the company. This can include those working in HR departments who have access to employee information or those in accountings with access to finances of the organization.

However, you should not think that small businesses won’t be affected by spear phishing attacks. Small businesses are the favorite target of cybercriminals for stealing information. Let the experts at the Kaspersky Support UK guide you in choosing the best phishing protection program for your computer.

How can I keep my smartphone and PC safe from any form of phishing attacks?

The technical experts at the Kaspersky Support UK have come up with some effective tips on how to ensure that your network as well as computer stays safe from spear phishing. Kindly follow the guidelines mentioned below;

  1. Prior to clicking, always check the link. The Kaspersky Customer Support UK suggests that you check for spelling mistakes by previewing the URL.


  1. When looking to enter username and password, always do so over a secured connection. We at the Kaspersky Technical Support UK recommend that you look for an https prefix before the site URL address. This will ensure that the website is safe from any online threat.


  1. At times, some e-mails and websites might look like the original ones. The experts at the Kaspersky Support UK recommend that you look for incorrect spellings in hyperlinks.


  1. It is always best to not follow links from emails, especially the ones coming from an unknown source. We at the Kaspersky Support UK recommend that you open a new tab and enter the URL manually.

How can I connect with the Kaspersky Support UK experts?

You can connect with the highly skilled Kaspersky Support UK experts via toll-free number at (0-800-820-3300). Also, you can write about the issue to our team of professionals at (info@global-technical-support.co.uk). Or you can visit our website for more details: http://www.global-technical-support.co.uk/kaspersky-support/

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