Steps To Activate AVG Antivirus 2017

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How to activate AVG Internet Security ?

 AVG Anti Virus (2017) looks a bit different from its earlier edition, and it includes some new technologies. AVG could block all access to the malware-hosting URL, or swab out the malware payload before the download finishes. If a file is already present on your computer, AVG presume it must have gotten past the earlier protection layers. Even so, it test one more time before allowing such a file to execute.

Follow these steps to activate AVG antivirus:

  1. Double-click the AVG icon on your desktop to open AVG Zen.
  2. Click Connect in the top-right corner of the screen, then click Log in to an existing account.
  3. Type your email address and the password you created for your AVG MyAccount during the purchase, and click Log in.
Your product is now activated. You can view and manage all of your AVG products in the AVG Zen interface or in your AVG MyAccount.

AVG Technical Support

In case you find any difficulty for activation, Than please call us at our AVG technical support toll free number 0800 820 3300 For UK or can visit our website for more info:

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