Top 3 Things to know about Identity Theft

Identity Theft is a two-way street in which first, someone accesses your personal information without your authorization. Then, the same information is used to impersonate you on the web and commit acts of fraud and cheating. However, the second step is more fearful as stolen information can be used to create credit card frauds, utilities scams and leave users with empty bank accounts. However, there is no need to worry as there are technical services available for handling such issues. One such service is the effective Norton customer support which consists of highly skilled and experienced technical specialists who have been trained to handle such issues with ease.

However, prior to providing the proper support to take care of any Identity Theft issues that you might face; first let us understand how an Identity Theft can occur.

  • Hackers and thieves access personal and financial information

Identity thieves gain access to your personal information in a number of ways that includes;

  • Phishing

Cyberspace predators’ gain unauthorized access to your personal information electronically by sending mails that have malware to steal your personal and financial data.

  • Data Dumps

Highly skilled hackers can go through a customer’s data related to online retail stores, credit card information to access the credit card code, social security number and other private information.

  • Online presence can work against you

Over sharing of photographs and data along with an unsecured social media accounts leaves you open to online attacks. Only by looking through your social media account a hacker can get the full identity including address, birthdate, and phone number. Using this information, the hacker can easily apply for credit card, insurance, open a bank account or even get a driving license in your name. Along with this, even connecting to open and unsafe public Wi-Fi systems can lead a hacker straight to your device. If your device has been the victim of online hacking, make sure to consult a Norton support expert.

  • Even kids and elders are not safe online

Adults are not the only targets of online identity theft. Cyber criminals have been known to steal identities of even children as parents do not care to check their child’s online history. Elders are also one of the main target of online criminals who can access their information easily as they are not that much tech savvy. In case, any elder or kids of your family have been the victim of identity theft; contact the experts at Norton support.


How to protect yourself against Identity Theft?

Identity Theft can happen with anyone even if they have changed their passwords, removed photographs from social media accounts. Just a single piece of private information is what is required to let the hacker gain access to your entire online history.

If you want to know more about keeping yourself safe from Online Identity Theft and enjoy a tension-free online session, contact the Norton customer support via Norton Customer Support Number 0-800-820-3300

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