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Browser Support UK

First internet browser Microsoft Corporation introduced was back in 1995 in Microsoft Windows Operating System. Windows 95 was the operating system in which Microsoft Internet Explorer was introduced. Microsoft development team has developed a series of internet browsers named after Microsoft internet explorer. This browser was included in Microsoft Windows 95 plus package for free. The programming language used by Microsoft corporation development team is C++. Microsoft Internet Explorer has revolutionised the internet technology. Before the launch Microsoft corporation spent over US$100 Million per year since 1990 and over 1000 developers development team working on it by 1999. After few years the total usage share of Microsoft Internet Explorer went above 95% in online market, which was in year 2002 - 2003. Versions of internet explorer are as follows:

Examples :

  1. Internet Explorer 1
  2. Internet Explorer 2-10
  3. Internet Explorer 11

Microsoft internet browsers were examined closely by a lot of online critics , famous developers and designers because of a third-party technology source code of Spyglass Mosaic which was copied and used without any legal permissions, drawbacks in terms of privacy and security. Such major components being not so much user friendly and compatible to flexibility is one of the reasons why Microsoft corporation had to launch a new Microsoft Internet Browser into the market. That was named as Microsoft Edge.Microsoft Edge completely replaced Microsoft Internet Explorer. Microsoft Edge browser was introduced in Microsoft Windows 10 operating system of microsoft for free of cost. Microsoft Edge is actually a code name for " Sparta". Microsoft Edge’s layout engine is technically build around the web standards. Microsoft Corporation changed the default Internet Browser in all microsoft products as Microsoft Edge.

Versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer are as follows:

  1. Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer
  2. Microsoft I Windows nternet Explorer 2
  3. Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer 3
  4. Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer 4
  5. Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer 5
  6. Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer 6
  7. Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer 7
  8. Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer 8
  9. Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer 9
  10. Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer 10
  11. Microsoft Windows nternet Explorer 11

Why need of Microsoft Internet Explorer Support ?

Microsoft Internet Explorer was developed to be compatible with Windows , Mac OS X , Solaris , HP-UX , including XBox. However Microsoft corporation has stopped supporting the same browser for operating systems like :

  1. Mac
  2. UNIX (Uniplexed Information and Computing Service )
  3. an embedded OEM version Pocket Internet Explorer
  4. Windows Phone
  5. Internet Explorer Mobile

Microsoft Internet Explorer supports HTML ( Hyper Text Mark-Up Language ) 4.01 , HTML 5 , CSS till Level 3 , XML (hypertext markup language) 1.0 DOM (Document Object Model) , SVG ( Scalable Vector Graphics ) Fonts , XSLT (Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations) etc .

With so many supporting languages Microsoft Internet Explorer extensively had crashing , slow loading and many other performance issues . Our Microsoft Internet Explorer Support Team can provide service for all the issues regarding any Microsoft browser.

Most Common issues found in Internet Explorer :

  1. Cant load a web page the user trying to access
  2. Request Timed Out error message coming in while browsing
  3. Internet Explorer crashing
  4. Internet Explorer not responding
  5. Problems while installing the internet explorer
  6. Auto configuration and auto proxy problems with Internet Explorer 11
  7. Group Policy problems with Internet Explorer 11
  8. Browser cache changes and roaming profiles
  9. Setup problems with Internet Explorer 11
  10. User interface problems with Internet Explorer 11
  11. IE is crashing or seems slow

Because of so many issues being so common, Microsoft Internet Explorer Support team makes sure that they have a solution for all these problems. If you have any further queries please contact us on our TOLL FREE 24/7 line.

List of issues that can affect your smooth online browsing session.

These have been explained in details below;

  1. Updates
  2. A number of users get confused about choosing the right patch files to update the Internet Explorer version. In case you are also confused about which patch is the latest, connect with our team at Internet Explorer Browser Support without any further delay. Our experts will help you update your Internet Explorer web browser using the latest patch.

  3. Version
  4. Recently, Microsoft has provided a massive update to the existing Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser. If you are unable to decide which version will be compatible with your PC operating system, count on the expertise of our professionals at the IE Browser Supportto get immediate technical assistance.

  5. Setup
  6. A number of first-time users of Internet Explorer web browser might get confused with the various steps involved in the installation process. There is no need to worry as our experts for Browser technical support will provide them with the best assistance to resolve this issue.

    Setup problems with Internet Explorer 11

    The highly experienced taskforce of technical professionals at the Browser customer support work day and night to keep your web browser working without any issues.

    What makes the professionals working at the Browser customer service the best at providing support for Internet Explorer issues?

    The highly skilled professionals working at the Browser customer support have been providing every user with outstanding support. Our team of experts has won many rewards and accolades for the same and it has helped us earn a reputable name in the market.

However, a number of first-time callers often feel skeptical about choosing us to keep their PC working. We will let our technicians answer this question for us.

  1. Expertise
  2. The team of technical experts working with the Global Technical Support have complete mastery over every issue affecting your web browser. Whether it is the issue of installing a new browser version or updating the present one, our specialists are available to take care of any issue affecting your online browsing session.

  3. 24*7 Available
  4. Whether you are facing an internet-related issue working out of town or late in the night at home, our team of skilled experts is always available to provide the best IE Browser support. Our Browser technicians work day and night to provide you with the best support to keep your web browser running without any breaks.

  5. Quality Solutions
  6. The only thing our experts working at the Global Technical Support are concerned with is providing quality solutions for any Internet Explorer related issue of the customers. We do not believe in providing customers with shortcuts nor keep them waiting for any issue they might face with their web browser.

Microsoft Browser Support Contact Number +44 0800 820 3300

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