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BT Broadband Support

BT broadband is a broadband service provided by BT Consumer, a division of the BT Group based in United Kingdom. It was known earlier as BT Total Broadband and has a wide ADSL product catalogue including ADSL Max and ADSL2+. The BT Group is the holding company for British Telecommunications (BT), Telecommunication Company with head offices in London, United Kingdom. The company offers fixed-line, mobile and broadband services in more than 180 countries along with providing subscription television and IT services in UK.

BT Broadband has been credited with providing the best broadband services to its customers in the UK. The company has successfully set a new standard, when it comes to offering state-of-the-art internet to home-owners. In case you are a bit skeptical about choosing BT Broadband for your internet requirement, let the BT Broadband Customer Support be the one to inform you what makes BT Broadband the best choice for your home internet connection.

BT Broadband Customer Service

What does BT Broadband provide to its customers?

Global Technical Support's BT Broadband Customer Service has become a name synonymous with trust and quality when it comes to offering the best broadband services to UK residents. Our team of qualified professionals is available round-the-clock to help you get the best connection to cyberspace.

Apart from this, BT broadband also provides the following advantages to its million plus customers;

  1. BT Parental Controls
  2. The advanced BT Parental Controls help to keep your family safe from accessing the wrong websites, thereby providing both control as well as online flexibility. Ask the BT Broadband Customer Support about activating the Parental Control functions for your BT Broadband service.

  3. BT Web Protect
  4. Web Protect allows you to keep your system safe from virus, phishing scams and Trojan horse attacks and warns you about a potentially harmful website. Whether you are in the comfort of your home or are connected to a BT Wi-Fi hotspot, the BT Web Protect helps to keep your device safe. Along with this, it also provides users with services such as email anti-virus, anti-spyware protection, pop-up blocker as well as spam blocker. Connect with the highly efficient BT Broadband Customer Service to know more about additional features provided by BT Web Protect.

  5. BT Virus Protect
  6. The best protection offered by BT Broadband is the BT Virus Protect that offers a warning system to protect users against email phishing scams. It also keeps your computer safe from online attacks and allows users to browse safely with simple traffic-light system. One of the best features of this is that it can be installed from 2 to 15 computers or laptops whether PC’s or Mac’s. It includes a virus scan, personal firewall and SiteAdvisor to provide all-round security to your computer. Let the BT Broadband Customer Support guide you in knowing some more cool features about the BT Virus Protect.

What benefits would I get after subscribing to BT Broadband?

Apart from providing users the best internet experience, BT Broadband also offers the following advantages to its users. These have been explained in great details, kindly pay attention to the information mentioned below;

  1. BT Extras
  2. Once you subscribe to BT Broadband service, you will be eligible for some extra benefits offered by the BT extras. Now you can go online and connect to 5 million Wi-Fi hotspots using the BT Wi-Fi ensuring that you stay connected even when away from home. The BT Virus Protect ensures total security for your computer system and warns you of any harmful website.

    Effectively back-up your sensitive documents using BT Cloud that keeps all your important documents safe and accessible for you. BT Broadband is the only connection offering cloud storage ranging from 5GB to a whopping 500GB. Keep your kids safe when online with the BT Parental Controls. Let the BT Broadband Support guide you in getting the best out of BT broadband with attractive subscription packages.

  3. Fast Connection Speed
  4. With the new BT Infinity fibre-optical broadband, you can get speed up to 76MB, this means fast downloads for music, movies, and smoother video streaming. You can easily go online without having to face any bandwidth issues with the advanced connection technology offered by BT Broadband. Connect with the efficient BT Broadband Customer Support Service to know more about how BT gives you backbreaking internet connection speed.

  5. Advanced Security Features
  6. The technical experts at BT Broadband takes online security pretty seriously and to ensure this. In order to ensure this, they have taken some steps to ensure a safe wireless internet connection. Every BT Home Hub comes with advanced encryption technology to keep your wireless connection safe. It also comes with advanced firewall to monitor traffic by checking both incoming and outgoing traffic. Also, BT releases software updates on a regular basis for both Smart Hub and Home Hub to keep them safe. Allow our professionals at the BT Broadband Customer Support to be the guiding hand in informing you about some more features of BT broadband.

  7. Quality Products
  8. At BT, manufacturing quality products using state-of-the-art technology for its consumers is the number one priority. The only policy followed at BT while manufacturing network connection as well as home-entertainment products is quality and performance. Every product manufactured by the company passes stringent quality and performance testing before being offered to the customers. Let the BT Broadband Customer Support guide you in selecting the best BT product, whether for your home-entertainment or internet connection.

    Want to know more on what makes BT Broadband the best choice for your uninterrupted connection to the internet? Contact the BT Broadband Technical Support Service experts to get the best technical assistance via toll-free number at +44 0800 820 3300. You can also write about any issue to our team of technical professionals at

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