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How To Configure The Anti-Theft Features Of Norton Mobile Security

In case if you have installed Norton Mobile Security in your handset – iPhone or iPad, Anti-Theft features are automatically enabled and cannot be disabled manually. Norton Technical Support team lists down the steps to configure Anti-theft features on an Android device.

Configuring Anti-Theft features on Android Device

Don’t know how to configure anti-theft features on your Android device? Here are the steps or procedure to do it properly. Read on to know more.

  1. From the Home screen, launch the Norton Mobile Security app
  2. In the top-left corner, tap the menu icon , and then tap App Settings
  3. Under Anti-Theft, move the slider next to Device Administrator to enable it
  4. Device Administrator needs to be enabled to prevent others from uninstalling Norton Mobile Security, and to use the Wipe and Lock features

  5. In the Device Administrator dialog box, tap Enable to confirm, and then tap Activate
  6. In the Device Administrator dialog box, tap Enable to confirm, and then tap Activate
  7. To lock the device upon removal or replacement of SIM Card, move the slider next to SIM Card Lock to enable it
  8. SIM Card Lock feature does not work with dual-SIM devices

  9. Exit Norton Mobile Security when you finish updating the Anti-Theft settings

If you don’t know how to use the anti-theft features from the Norton Mobile Security Website, read the below process by Norton Antivirus Tech Support team.

  1. Sign in to the Norton Mobile Security website using your email address and password
  2. Under Choose a device to Manage, select the device that you want to use the Anti-Theft features for

In the Anti-Theft features pane, click one of the following features and follow the instructions to use them:

  1. Lock Device#:Type a custom message that you want to be displayed on the device lock screen, and then click Lock.
  2. Call: Click Call Phone to make a call to your iOS device over the Internet.
  3. Locate: Click Locate Now to display the current location of your device on the map.
  4. Sneak Peek#: Click Take Photo.
  5. Wipe#: Click Wipe Device.

3.If you want to change your passcode, under the Anti-Theft Features pane, click SMS Commands. Type the new passcode and click Update.

If you have any problem in this process, kindly contact Norton Tech Support experts immediately on toll free number 0-800-820-3300.

+44 0800 820 3300

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