Five Best Applications To Protect Your IPhone

Apple smartphones have completely revolutionized the smartphone market and also changed the outlook of users when they think of data protection and privacy. The complicated coding and algorithm used by Apple Inc. ensure that every user’s data stays with them and is inaccessible only by them. The company ensures that every single photo that you have taken, favorite videos and applications are accessible by only one person, you.

However, at times even the best brands have their share of dark days. You might forget your phone or someone might just take your phone without you noticing. This will leave an average user completely helpless and frustrated as they think that there is no solution to their data becoming public. But, now technical support is available to take care of this situation for you. Connect with the highly capable and experienced Norton Customer Support experts to get the best assistance for your iPhone.

How can I protect the data on my iPhone if it gets misplaced or stolen?

The technical experts at the Norton Support UK have come up with a list of the best applications to keep your iPhone safe even when you are not around. These are sure to keep the data inside your phone locked and safe so that only you are the person with access to the data inside the iPhone.


Similar to the Find My iPhone application, GadgetTrak uses the built-in camera of iPhone to take a snapshot of whoever is operating your phone. This also shows the location of the phone at pre-set intervals so you can easily track your phone and the personho has stolen it from you. Let the Norton Support guide you in securing your iPhone against unauthorized access, both offline and online.


Many users have private photographs and videos stored inside their iPhone which they don’t share with anyone. iDiscrete makes the files look like they are accessible and hides the fact that they are being protected. In case someone tries to access those files, it shows a fake loading screen. We at the Norton Customer Support work day and night to provide the best protection to your smartphone.

3.Spam Arrest

In case your iPhone email gets affected with spam mails then Spam Arrest is the best application for you. It helps to filter out all the spam and malware along with asking everyone to send you an email to confirm their identity. Spam Arrest helps to keep spammers at check and also gives users the ability to create an account along with managing unverified email and editing senders list. For more information, connect with the highly skilled Norton Customer Support experts.


If you are using the iPhone to discuss sensitive information during calls and concerned that someone might be listening, then Kryptos is your thing. It offers secure voice communications by using 256-bit AES encryption and works smoothly with Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G networks without any issues. We at the Norton Antivirus Support UK are here to offer you the best support for keeping your iPhone safe.


If you are using iPhone for online transactions then SplashID Safe is the best option for you. It provides complete safety for all your online passwords including details of credit card data, account number, registration codes and other information. The automatic password generator will help to create strong passwords using 256-bit Blowfish encryption. Let the Norton Customer Support be your guide in choosing the best protection for your iPhone.

How can I contact the Norton Customer Support experts?

You can connect with the highly skilled and trained Norton Customer Support experts via toll-free number at 0-800-820-3300. Also, you can write about the issue you are facing to our team of professionals at

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