How To Fix Your Hacked PC Back To Normal

Fix your hacked PC

While working on a project on your PC, you receive an email. Without a second thought, you click on the attachment and then delete the mail thinking of it as some prank.

However, after some days you notice the slow performance of your PC along with the antivirus not able to function. Your computer ISP has been changed along with being infected by a virus or malware program. There is a good chance that your computer has been hacked.

How can I get my hacked computer back to working like before?

A hacked PC is the playground of cybercriminals. It can be used to execute insidious plans including sending threatening emails to other PC users.

For preventing your PC from being used as a potential weapon, our Bitdefender Technical Support has come up with some easy-to-follow guidelines mentioned below;

  1. Isolate your PC
  2. The first step to prevent further damage to your Hacked PC is to completely remove it from connecting to the internet.

    This will prevent it from being used for attacking other computers and hackers trying to gain unauthorized access to your PC.

  3. Backup Files
  4. Another way to protect your Hacked PC is to take a backup of the entire data present on your computer hard drive.

    Our Bitdefender Support experts recommend that you take a backup of all your photos, documents, media and other personal files and then wipe your hard drive clean.

  5. Re-install your data security program
  6. Prior to installing other applications on your PC, make sure that you install a trusted data and internet security program for your PC.

    Also, ensure that the program is updated before installing other software as any potential malware will be removed.

  7. Wipe the old Hard Drive
  8. Even after the antivirus shows that there is no virus or malware present, there might be a chance that it has left traces behind

    The best way to ensure this is to completely wipe-off your hard drive and reinstall the operating system

  9. Conclusion
  10. Lastly, awareness is your most important Step. Hackers can’t steal data from your PC when proper steps are taken to get protected.

    It is best to connect with a reliable technical support expert. Our professionals at the Bitdefender Technical Support work 24*7 to offer your PC data complete safety.

Our experts offer the best solutions to remove any malware or other malicious software from your computer.

Want to secure your PC against online attacks? You can now contact our Bitdefender Customer Care experts via toll-free number at (0-800-368-9229).

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