How To Keep Ransomware Spam Out From Your Inbox

How To Keep Ransomware Spam Out From Your Inbox

A recent survey reported that a majority of the attachments in spam emails sent to users back in 2016 were ransomware. It proves the extent to which cyber criminals are ready to go for gaining unauthorized access to a user’s PC. This has lead to an increased need of having a security and antivirus software installed on their PC for the users.

If you are looking forward to get the best protection for your email inbox, you should connect with a technical support specialist. Our highly trained professionals at the McAfee Customer Support have been providing customers with the best assistance for keeping their mail inbox safe. The vast team of technical specialists have the right tools to help keep your online account safe from any online threat.

How will I ensure that my email inbox remains safe from any ransomware attacks?

McAfee Customer Support UK

The professionals at McAfee Customer Support UK have come up with some effective tips on how you can keep your email inbox safe from any ransomware.

  1. Keep your email private
  2. Under any circumstances, do not post your email address on any website. The McAfee Antivirus Support experts suggest that you break it up as “username at domain dot com”. Never use your email address as a username for setting up online accounts and do not respond to a spam email.

  3. Use Disposable Email Address
  4. Setup a disposable webmail account such as a Gmail or Hotmail. These can be used to sign up for newsletters or companies that you do not trust. The McAfee Customer Support is here to give your email inbox the best protection against ransomware or any other online threats.

  5. Effective Online Security
  6. No matter how many steps are taken to ensure the safety of your inbox, without an effective online security solution; nothing will work to prevent the problem. You might come across a spam email that is hard to remove, the internet security suite will take care of this issue for you. Our experts at the McAfee Customer Support recommend that you install a reliable data protection and online security program.

How can I connect with the McAfee Support experts?

>How can I connect with the McAfee Support experts?

Our experts have been providing the best online security assistance to customers from around the globe for the last 10 years. If you want to connect with our McAfee Customer Care Number professionals, simply pick the phone and dial our toll-free number at (0-800-820-3300).

Visit our website for more details:</p>

0800 820 3300

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