Mcafee Total Protection

Mcafee Total Protection

Antivirus protects our PC’s from malwares, virus attacks, trojans, malicious programs, phishing mail etc. And it provides internet security as well. Total protection is different. It performs all the functions that are done by a normal antivirus program and more. McAfee is an old and trusted brand. When it comes to a cyber threat or a virus attack one can blindly go for McAfee. Keeping our digital life safe has become a challenge, since with the invention of antivirus, new virus programs are also getting created by hackers. Therefore, we thrive for more secure systems. Intel’s McAfee provides award winning security.

McAfee total protection provides virus protection, spam filter, parental control etc. McAfee’s parental control is a feature that helps parents to block or disable some particular websites which they think are not appropriate for their children to surf. McAfee parental control also restricts the usage of internet, so that parents can impose restrictions on their children. And whenever those particular websites will be visited by their kids, McAfee will automatically send notice to their parents. In this way children can be restricted from watching porn sites or any harmful sites. McAfee’s Anti-spam feature prevents incoming of junk mails that can fill your inbox unnecessarily. McAfee’s active protection acts against viruses and malwares. It can categorize the URLs with risk factor levels, that makes you aware about malicious websites. It’s leverages site advisor technology attaches a red, green or yellow icon to a post on social website to let you know about its safety measurement.

McAfee Total protection deletes cookies to make your computer fast. It’s advanced encrypted standard technology protects your sensitive files even if your computer gets lost or hacked. It’s NetGuard feature uses two-way firewall technology that eliminates any chance of hacking. McAfee has network manager feature which takes care of your home WiFi network. It prevents any unknown user from accessing your WiFi network. McAfee’s shredder permanently deletes unnecessary files from your machine. It’s vulnerability scanner feature finds out all the software on your machine that need to get updated.

McAfee antivirus needs a high-speed internet connection. It is supported by all the recognized browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer (above version 8). MacAfee total protection is friendly with any computer operating systems but the preferable ones are Windows7, Windows 8, Windows Vista. Your computer system needs to have minimum 1GB RAM of and its processor speed must be above 1GHz to host McAfee total protection. McAfee supports many e-mail programs like Windows mail, Outlook Express, Outlook Netscape, IncrediMail, Thunderbird, Becky, Shuriken, Outlook Web, MSN, Hotmail etc.

McAfee’s antivirus protection scans your PC thoroughly and eliminates virus, spyware and other potential threats. Every time you search for any mail, file, program it scans all those soft copies. It automatically sets up a scheduled, full scanning on your machine.

McAfee total protection also provides protection for smart phone, tablets, Macs etc. This MacAfee protection is available on various packages. You can buy a one-year MacAfee antivirus total protection for 1 user to 5 users, prices will differ though. Global Technical Support a third party technical support provider provides McAfee Antivirus Support 24×7 for its customers. Call us at 0-800-820-3300 Mcafee Support Number.

0800 820 3300

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