Norton Tech Support Guide For Ransomware Do’s And Don’ts

Ransomware has attacked more than 200,000 computers including Britain’s NHS (National Health Scheme), USA’s FedEx and many other major corporations in 150 countries. The virus works by encrypting the entire data of a computer system and demands a ransom of $300 to $600 in bitcoin for releasing the files. If the ransom is not a paid before the designated time then the files are lost permanently.

Security experts from around the globe tried to stop the spread by looking for a “kill switch” inside the program. However, unlike other viruses this adapts and is hard to detect and eliminate.

In order to stop its spread to other countries and avoid further damage, we at Norton Antivirus Tech support have come up with some easy-to-follow guidelines to keep your system safe. The experts at Symantec Corporation have collected samples of the virus and are in the process of identifying any new versions of Ransomware so that proper action can be taken on time.

Hence, following the five do’s and don’ts mentioned below will ensure that Ransomware does not affect the functioning of your computer system.

Top 5 do’s to avoid Ransomware attack

  1. Most important is that you should not agree to pay the ransom demanded from you. Let’s imagine for a minute that the hacker is an honest thief who unlocks the files after you pay the amount. But what if the on the other hand they refuse to release the data and even leak it out?
  2. Always keep your security software such as antivirus and windows firewall up-to-date with the latest definitions to counter any Ransomware attack. Let experts from Norton Tech support guide you in getting the best update patch for both antivirus and windows system to protect you from unscrupulous individuals.
  3. Do not click or try to download attachments coming in mails from unexpected mailing address. It can be an attempt at infecting your computer via malware which may seem harmless but might be Ransomware in disguise.
  4. Any Microsoft Office email attachment that asks you to enable macros for viewing the content should be immediately deleted from the mailbox. Do not open the mail unless you are sure that it’s from a reliable source.
  5. Data backup is a must to-do action in case you are a business owner and have sensitive data stored in the computer. Individuals should always aim at having all the data backed-up inside an extra hard drive or portable media.

However, if you are still confused as to how your computer can be protected against infection by Ransomware; contact our experts at Norton tech support to provide the necessary guidance for the same.

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