What Is The SMS Sender Trojan?

SMS-Sending Trojan has been around since the invention of smartphones, it is responsible for a number of unnecessary service subscriptions and bills. These have been designed by cybercriminals for just a single purpose, to generate revenue for the hackers. It takes over the smartphones and infiltrates the SMS sending and receiving function of the user’s phone. SMS-Senders are one of the most effective methods used by cybercriminals for stealing the hard-earned money of phone users.

You can connect with the Bitdefender Antivirus Support experts to tackle this issue and keep your smartphone safe. We have a vast team of technical professionals who possess the best tools to keep your smartphone safe against any unauthorized use. We are here for providing your Android device with the best protection against all types adware, spyware, malware and other threats.

What is the method used by cybercriminals with an SMS Sender work?

One of the infection method used by SMS-Sender includes applications downloaded and installed from 3rd party marketplaces. These applications do not carry the same level of safety as those found on the official Android store. It allows cybercriminals to inject malicious code inside an authentic application with the promise of full version without paying extra. This is an effective method of luring users into loading unofficial applications as some users don’t want to pay for the full version.

The second method includes using zero-day vulnerabilities in internet browsers, executed by malicious URL’s. When a user opens an infected link, they are redirected to a webpage that enables the hacker to remotely control and exploit the targeted Android device. For more information, connect with the professionals at the Bitdefender Antivirus Tech Support to get your smartphone secured against such attacks.

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How does the SMS-Sender Trojan function?

The moment a user downloads an infected application having SMS-sending Trojan to your device, the SMS receiving and sending capabilities are seized. Now, it is free to send and receive text messages without the knowledge of the user. These usually send messages to a premium number with services per message. The services are basically of adult nature and for each message the hacker receives money.

A number of these services have features built to prevent automatic subscription including two-factor authentication or CAPCHA. These can also gain access incoming emails to intercept the one-time authentication password thereby making the process look legitimate. Connect with the Bitdefender Customer Support experts to get the best protection for avoiding any SMS-sending Trojan.

How can I keep my smartphone safe against SMS-Sending Trojan?

Although, with millions of applications available for download; it is not an easy task to look for an application that might not have been infected. Our experts at the Bitdefender Antivirus Support have come up with a way to keep your smartphone safe from any type of threat.

We at the Bitdefender Antivirus Support recommend that you avoid downloading and installing applications from 3rd party or untrusted marketplaces. You should keep this in mind specially with applications offering a full-version without any cost. The reason being that such applications are infected with SMS-Sending Trojans and used as a trap to lure unsuspecting smartphone users into downloading them.

Cybercriminals also use the name of popular Android applications for creating malicious applications that have no connection with the original app. Connect with the highly skilled and trained Bitdefender Tech Support experts to get your smartphone outstanding protection against any cyberattack.

A number of these applications disguise themselves as system applications to make it hard for the user to detect and uninstall them. For example, an application could disguise itself as com.android.system.service or com.android.system.manager when the user tries to uninstall it and appear with a different name on the screen. Allow our technical professionals at the Bitdefender Support to keep your smartphone updated and protected against such attacks.

Which is the best way for me to connect with the Bitdefender Antivirus Support experts?

You can easily connect with the experienced and trained Bitdefender Antivirus Support experts via the toll-free number at (0-800-820-3300).

+44 0800 820 3300

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