Things To Remember When Connecting To A Wi-Fi Hotspot

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During your stay at the hotel for a business meeting or waiting for your flight at the airport, you are bound to try to connect to a free Wi-Fi hotspot to check emails. A majority of the users do not think when connecting to an open network and fall prey to a data thief looking to access their data without authentication. An open Wi-Fi network is ground zero for all types of cyber-attacks.

What do I need to remember when connecting to an open wireless network?

What do I need to remember when connecting to an open wireless network?

Our Netgear Support has come up with some effective guidelines that you can follow to ensure the safety of your personal data. These will be helpful when connecting to an unsafe network.

  1. Disable Automatic Connection
  2. When inside an area offering free Wireless connectivity, our professionals recommend that you set the automatic connection to off. The biggest risk is that if the setting is enabled, your mobile or computer can become target to a cyberattack or data theft. Connect with our network professionals to know more about protecting the data on your mobile or computer when connecting to a network.

  3. Activate Firewall
  4. A firewall is the first line of defense for your computer or mobile device and it helps to prevent any unauthorized access to your device. Hence, activating the firewall function on your device will monitor both incoming and outgoing traffic to ensure that all traffic is coming from a legitimate source. Let our professionals at the Netgear Support keep your smartphone and PC safe when connecting to open networks.

  5. De-Activate File Sharing
  6. While trying to connect to a network, users tend to forget that they need to de-activate the file sharing feature on their computer. But, when connecting to a public network then you are opening your device to allow other users to gain access to your data without your permission. Our skilled professionals recommend that when you are connecting to an open network via a PC, always disable the file and printer sharing function on your computer.

  7. Install a VPN
  8. Our specialists recommend that you install a reliable VPN solution to camouflage your device when connected to a public wireless network. Allow our professionals to help you get the best VPN for your mobile device and PC to connect safely to any network.

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