Top Bootable Antivirus Tools For Your PC

Are you facing trouble with starting your computer to finish that pending project? Have you not been able to find a solution to this issue despite trying your best? A slow computer can be treated easily as compared to a PC that wont even start. This can be a confusing situation for an average user who might not be that tech-savvy. You can contact the reliable McAfee Antivirus Support professionals to know the solution that can resolve this issue.

My PC is not starting from past one week. How can I make it run like before?

The best solution to get your PC running again is use a bootable antivirus program. This can be done by creating a flash drive or a CD/DVD disc from a working computer by using a bootable virus scanner. Then it can be used on the effected PC to scan for any virus.

Also, you can connect with our skilled and experienced McAfee Support staff to get help for resolving this issue.

Which bootable antivirus program is the best for resolving my issue?

Our skilled professionals have come up with a some of the best bootable antivirus software that can be used for keeping your PC safe from any virus infection. These have been explained in details below;

  1. Anvi Rescue Disk
  2. This is the easiest-to-use bootable virus scanner that comes with three scanning buttons. With the Anvi Rescue Disk, you can perform a quick scan, full-PC scan or a custom scan to detect any malicious program inside a particular folder or drive. Anvi Rescue Disk offers a separate section for detecting and adjusting any corrupted registry issues which might have been changed by a virus. You can connect with our professionals to help keep your PC running to its best form.

  3. Comodo Rescue Disk
  4. The Comodo Rescue Disk is used via USB device or disc in text-only as well as a full GUI mode. With Comodo, you get three scanning options namely smart, full, and custom scan. The Smart Scan checks for any virus and rootkits in memory, boot sector, autorun entries and areas of registry and system folder. On the other hand, Custom Scan allows you to choose files and folders as per your convenience instead of choosing the whole drive. Allow the tech experts at the Norton Customer Support to be there for keeping your PC safe at all times.

  5. Windows Defender Offline
  6. Windows Defender Offline, by Microsoft is the best bootable virus scanner that comes with a full user-interface. You can update the virus definition from the disc along with viewing quarantined files and exclude any folder or file from the scan. The Windows Defender Offline offers options of full-scan, quick scan and customized scan. Let our experts be your guide in choosing the best protection for your PC.

  7. Zillya LiveCD
  8. The Zillya Live CD can easily scan entire drives or folder on your computer within minimal time. It comes with an option to check for virus in executable file types and also has a utility named Zillya MBR Recovery available from the bootable disc that can scan for virus and also fix boot issues. We at the McAfee Support are here to help your PC function smoothly.

  9. Dr. Web LiveDisk
  10. This is a fully-loaded free bootable virus scanner for both Windows and Linux operating system. The Dr. Web LiveDisk comes with a number of configuration settings including choosing actions while looking for infected or suspicious files in your PC. You can set what action should be taken in case any adware, hacktools or riskware is detected. Allow our highly skilled and experienced professionals to help keep your PC up and running at all times.

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